Saturday, January 24, 2009

Update on Suzi & Dotty turns two!!

Probably not the best news to mix together, but I'm feeling lazy tonight.
Suzi was moved today to another room on the same floor - we're not sure exactly why, but this room appears to be for extended stay visitors as it has a closet, dresser, and a nice bathroom (for a hospital). She is still doing good and as long as she is on her back she does not have too many contractions. The babies are also still doing well - she has not needed additional shots to keep the contractions at bay yet, so hopefully there is more hope to get to 36 + weeks.

Dorothy officially turns two tomorrow - but with church and all it's going to be late in the day before we can get up to the hospital to see Mommy - so we took some cupcakes and sang Happy Birthday to Dotty in the hospital (just up from where she was born). It was quick, and the kids made a mess, but that's what birthday cake is for right?

Singing Happy Birthday


Mmmmmmmmm cake

Mommy and Dotty (boys totally zoned out by the cartoon channel)

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  1. Happy birthday Dotty!! We're really glad you could all celebrate together.