Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Chicago Sunday Tribune - November 22, 1914

Some pictures of the newspaper we found in the attic (see previous post for details)

Our next big project

We've been working on it for a few weeks now, and we've still only just scratched the surface.

Our next big project is to completely renovate the attic. From what we've found so far it appears that the attic was previously finished off in stages over the past 70 years or so. Under the flooring was a newspaper from November 22, 1914 (will post an image in the next post), in the walls were newspapers and a magazine 1942, in the insulation in the ceiling was a newspaper from 1958. There was also a gallon size wine bottle from the mid 80's but we doubt that had anything to do with the renovation.

Below are some pictures taken from when we bought the house - a good idea of where we are starting from.
The ceiling was about six feet, six inches (or less) and the fan would have easily given me a nice bump on the head if I ever walked close enough.

Nail gun and a bad aim

Last Saturday (July 17th) Henry and I ran over to Grandpa's to help out 'really quick'. He was framing in a window and was nailing together a header. Henry asked to nail a couple nails and grandpa said 'sure'. Henry went over and picked up the gun and when to nail... instead of going strait down with the nailer it was more of an arc and hit his foot (insert painful grown here)
What was supposed to be a quick trip to help Grandpa out ended up being 8+ hours getting the nail taken out. Suzi ran Henry over to the prompt care and after a few hours there they said that they did not have the tools to get the nail out and sent Suzi over to the ER. Five hours later they were able to come home.
Luckily, after many hours, x-rays etc they determined that the nail just barely missed the bone and thus surgery was not necessary (phew). Just a lovely tetanus shot, a strong antibiotic for a few weeks, and lots of care to keep it clean.

This picture shows the nail a bit closer... the three inch nail went through his foot and hit the pavement and bent - luckily we weren't on wood, I can't imagine what would have happened if his foot stuck on the wood and we weren't able to carry him to the van. We probably would have had to cut the wood out and take it with us to the hospital!