Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Halloween 2010 - costumes

This year we had some fun with the twins costumes - Garden gnomes! The funniest part was the way the kids loved their hats, and Charlie's walk was hilarious (yes, I know I should have gotten a video of that)

Dorothy's princess costume was really neat - until Henry hit her on the way to the church and her makeup started to run down her cheeks....

Halloween 2010 - pumpkins

The kids had a blast this year with the pumpkins. We're not too artsy so we got a kit with some templates and the kids were able to choose - and customize each template.
Of course Dotty had the creepy cat type pumpkin
Peter was very proud that he was able to do 90% of his pumpkin by himself
Henry did this one 100% by himself - nuff said