Sunday, May 16, 2010

Our weekend project

This weekend we set out to put together a massive sandbox - it was a long time planning and even though we're only about 80% complete we're pretty happy with the results so far. The actual sandbox is 8 feet long and 6 feet wide. It also has two benches on either end that extend a foot off the end of the sandbox making it all in all ten feet long.

We still need to finish the bench lids where we plan on storing all the toys, and to get and install the cover so it's not used as the neighborhood cat box! Plus we're going to make a tent like cover that will attach to the fence and provide a good amount of shade while the kids are playing in the summer heat.

I know most will be anxious to know that there are 6000 pounds of sand in the sand box... enough to last all summer of kids throwing and spilling sand all over the yard! (and yes, all 3 tons were moved from the driveway to the back of the yard one wheel barrel at a time)
What's not apparent in this photo is that the kids at this point are already on their second set of clothes as the first set got so dirty from playing in the sand in the morning that any hope of brushing the sand off had long been forgotten (we had to get the hose out)!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Boy's 2010 School pictures

Birthday's - Dorothy, Charlie & Scarlett

Birthday Pictures (sorry, this is all I have - none with the mess after-words)

Charlie - he was worried until we put his hand in the cake and made him taste it... after that he devoured it.

Scarlett was anxious from the very beginning to dig in... Suzi had to hold her back so we could get a picture of her and the cake

Dorothy was excited to share her birthday with her little brother and sister... I wonder how long that will last?

Finally - Suzi's handy work with the cakes... they tasted MUCH better than they look. And they look really good (mmmmmmmmmm just thinking about it)

Long overdue update (and photos)

We took the twins for their 15 month checkup yesterday - it may just be me but time sure does fly when the kids are young!
Charlie is 30 pounds and Scarlett is up to 24 pounds. They are both within the scale of where they should be - Charlie is naturally up near the top, I blame that on the fact that he steals a lot of his sisters food!
They are now walking and babbling a lot but no real words. They do say "ut-oh" but we don't think they know what it means - the just think it's funny to say when they drop their milk cups off their high chairs.

A video of the twins walking around - sorry about the orientation, I didn't have time to reshoot or to edit it.

More Pictures: