Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Great News about the twins

The babies have been taken off of the NCPAP (Ventilator) and are now breathing on their own!!! They have also taken formula (and a little breast milk that we were able to get to them) Of Course this justifies more pictures!!!

Comparison of Baby Girl's Size to my hand (I'm not supposed to touch them at this point)

Who me, Cute?

Baby Girl's Profile

Baby Boy's Size Comparison

Nice hair

Baby Boy Profile


  1. they are so tiny, and very cute!

  2. YEAH!!!!! Keep up the good work you two!

  3. What a WONDERFUL surprise!! I checked the blog at lunch, just in case, with no news. Then I come home to find awesome news like this! Thanks for keeping those of us who live far away posted on what's going on.

  4. They look grest Jeff! All those prayers work! Hope Suzi is feeling ok...what is her room number now?

  5. Congrats to my fellow Hen and her Rooster!!! When are you going to give them names???????