Saturday, January 31, 2009

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Update as Suzi comes home

Suzi is coming home today, we're anxious about leaving the babies here (obviously). Suzi's excited to get home and see the other kids and just be at home, but then we know as soon as we get home she's going to be thinking about the twins and want to be back here. Just something we'll have to deal with!!

The twins are doing really well, they are now off their IV's and now all they have on them are their heart and breathing sensors and their feeding tubes.
We're now holding them much more during feedings and afterwards, which is very nice. The only worry we have now is that they get really relaxed from time to time (usually around feedings) and their heart rate drops very low and sets off alarms everywhere. It still freaks me out, but Suzi is used to it and takes it in stride.

Jeff Holding Scarlett while feeding (trying to work in the pacifier)

Jeff Holding Scarlett while feeding (trying to work in the pacifier)

Jeff Holding Scarlett while feeding (trying to work in the pacifier)

Suzi holding Charles (Charlie) trying to show the size of his feet

Charles just chillin

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

..... and the babies names are...

More Pictures

The twins are doing great. The doctor is increasing their feeding and hoping to take them off of the IV's later this week.

Suzi was allowed to hold them earlier today and she loved that.

Charlie haning in the crib... notice one eye slightly open because I'm bugging him!

Here's a picture of the babies room - they've now been moved to covered beds (as seen in the picture)

Suzi holding Scarlett

Suzi holding Scarlett

Suzi holding Charles (Charlie)

Suzi holding Charles (Charlie)

Suzi holding Charles (Charlie)

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Great News about the twins

The babies have been taken off of the NCPAP (Ventilator) and are now breathing on their own!!! They have also taken formula (and a little breast milk that we were able to get to them) Of Course this justifies more pictures!!!

Comparison of Baby Girl's Size to my hand (I'm not supposed to touch them at this point)

Who me, Cute?

Baby Girl's Profile

Baby Boy's Size Comparison

Nice hair

Baby Boy Profile

More Details

Ok, now that things have quieted down I'll give you the whole story...

Monday Suzi started having a lot of contractions that seemed to be getting stronger and stronger. The shots that the doctors gave her seemed to stop them for a while, but they always came back. The doctors or nurses never expressed much concern about actually delivering last night attributing the contractions to the dramatic change in barometric pressure. So even after she had lost her mucus plug about 10:00 there was not enough concern to have me go down and spend the night at the hospital with Suzi.
As I've been able to tell from when Suzi is somewhat conscious the contractions came back about 1:00 to a point that they woke her up. The Doctor was called and she said to go ahead and start the paperwork for admitting to labor and delivery. She called me about 2:05am to go ahead and head to the hospital and by the time I got here at 2:50 the babies had already been born. (I paced in the hall waiting for them to bring the babies out, but becausee it was an emergency c-section they would not let me into the operating room anyway) It was an emergency C-Section as the babies had somehow turned around and were breach, but all went well and Suzi and the babies are resting now. Suzi is expected to be in the hospital 4 more days to be released on Saturday, the babies are expected to be in NICU for 2 months – generally they stay until they are at the gestational age, which is March 26th

They're HERE!!!

I was going to title this post HAPPY BIRTHDAY - but since Dotty just celebrated it 2 days ago, I figured that might confuse people that really it's the twins birthday today.

Baby A - Boy born @ 2:47am
17.75" and 4 lbs 2.3 oz

Baby B - Girl born @ 2:48am
18" and 4 lbs 6.1 oz

Baby Boy close up (less than 2 hours old)

Baby Boy - Yes, I think he's looking for food already!

Baby Girl closeup

Baby Girl

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Update on Suzi & Dotty turns two!!

Probably not the best news to mix together, but I'm feeling lazy tonight.
Suzi was moved today to another room on the same floor - we're not sure exactly why, but this room appears to be for extended stay visitors as it has a closet, dresser, and a nice bathroom (for a hospital). She is still doing good and as long as she is on her back she does not have too many contractions. The babies are also still doing well - she has not needed additional shots to keep the contractions at bay yet, so hopefully there is more hope to get to 36 + weeks.

Dorothy officially turns two tomorrow - but with church and all it's going to be late in the day before we can get up to the hospital to see Mommy - so we took some cupcakes and sang Happy Birthday to Dotty in the hospital (just up from where she was born). It was quick, and the kids made a mess, but that's what birthday cake is for right?

Singing Happy Birthday


Mmmmmmmmm cake

Mommy and Dotty (boys totally zoned out by the cartoon channel)

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Staying at the hospital until the twins are born

We just heard from the Doctor that Suzi will be in the hospital until the twins are born. (Hopefully 3-4 more weeks) Her cervix is thin and showing signs of 'coning' where the fluid is trying to open it more.

From the sonogram we know that the kids are doing great, the heartbeats are up and they are both head down (still).

Not sure what else to write - but I'm sure there's people out there that are anxious for an update.

Twins Update week 31

So now things are getting interesting. Monday night (January 19th) Suzi started having contractions! They weren't very strong, but they were consistent at 5 minutes apart for about an hour right before she fell asleep. On Tuesday morning she was ok... until she got out of bed! After she got the kids to school we went to the doctor and they did a fetal fibronectin test which came back positive so Suzi was admitted to the hospital.
Once she was admitted the contractions significantly decreased (yeah) and things started looking good to the point where the Doctor said that if that continued there was a possibility that she could go home!!! BUT - this morning the contractions came back with a vengeance and they had to give her a shot to stop the contractions, which worked for a couple hours.

Right now we're waiting for another sonogram to see what's going on with her cervix and the babies etc. but it does not look like she'll be home anytime soon - but hopefully the babies will hang out a couple more weeks before they come.

Thanks to everyone for their prayers, thoughts, and helping hands - they are greatly appreciated.

Twins Update week 30

I've been getting pretty lazy on the postings... mostly because there's not much going on with the twins.
At our last sonogram they weighed in at 3 lbs 12 oz and 3 lbs and 14 oz (Thursday Jan 15th) and were both head down. This was great news because it means that a natural delivery is still possible, if they were any other position we would be pretty much set for a c-section.

I have not scanned in the sonogram pictures but I'll just say that they look about the same as previous ones!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Catching Up

It's been too long since I've made a post... so I'm going to try to catch everyone up! First of all we finally got around to downloading the photos from the camera, - here's my favorite from Halloween and Christmas.