Sunday, November 23, 2008

Dotty got into Suzi's Makeup

It was bound to happen... but we never thought that it would happen before Dotty turned two.

You can't really tell in the photo but she got pink lipstick all over, her hands were covered, but she did a pretty good job on her face! She is SUCH a girl, she loves shoes, clothes, dolls.... and everything else girly.
The other day Suzi had gone shopping at Gymboree for some winter clothes for Dotty. During the short visit to the store Dorothy went totally crazy! She found some shoes (not her size) that she had to sit down in the middle of the store, take her shoes off and try to put the new shoes on(Suzi found a pair that fit her and let her wear them home) and to make a long story short while Dotty was undressing in the checkout line a lady asked Suzi if she could help hold things so Suzi could re-dress Dotty and Suz just rolled her eyes and said it would not help as she would just undress herself again so she could put the new clothes on.
I have a feeling I'm in trouble.

Peter's going to a plastic surgeon

It may sound weird that we're taking a 4 year old to a plastic surgeon, but he needs a face lift....

Actually,it's long overdue but after the neurosurgeon gave us the all clear we went to see the optometrist and they were impressed with Peter's improvement, except there is still a little swelling above his eye that causes me a little worry. His eye still has not returned to its appropriate level so we go early next month to see the plastic surgeon about raising his eye back up to the normal level.

Depending on what we find there will determine the next course of action on his road to a full recovery. All in all we are so blessed that he is doing so well. We love him and are grateful for the experience that this has given us.

Twins Update Week 23

So the proud papa syndrome is starting to pick up.... the sonograms are starting to show a lot of details so I decided to post all the scans this time - it's a lot but then you have more to look at!

We finally found out who is who.... Baby A is the Girl, and Baby B is the boy! 

The twins continue to do great, they are now both facing the same way head up in Suzi's belly. They are now about one and a half pounds each (1 lb and 5 oz and 1 lb and 7 oz  respectively) a little ahead of where their weight should be. The heart rates are about 140 bpm, and every other vital sign is right on track. 

While we were doing the sonogram the boy got too close to the girl so she kicked him in the bum and he moved back... just a shadow of things to come I'm sure! 

Suzi goes into the Doctor tomorrow for a tummy check, our next sonogram is on December 18th so we should get more info then.