Friday, October 24, 2008

Three boys & two girls!

Three boys & two girls... no, the sonogram did not find 3 more babies, that will be the breakout of children when the twins are born. The Sonogram went really well, the Doctor said that we could not of done better if we tried! He was extremely fast and checked for things that we have no idea how he saw. (even cleft lips) All in all the babies are doing extremely well, they are 10 & 11 ounces now, and extremely active in Suzi's belly. The doctor said that because of the activity the babies would be giving Suzi trouble here soon.... I'm just anxious to see the alien belly with multiple bumps moving in different directions!

We're excited that everything is doing so well, and that we're going to get one boy & one girl. Now the question is, which one is which? is Baby A or Baby B the girl

Monday, October 6, 2008

Peter's Brain

Peter had his follow up appointment today with the neurosurgeon. We had another CT Scan done so they could review the progress he has made over the past couple of days. 
Peter is doing surprisingly well. He has a little blood left in his skull, but the fractures are healing very nicely. Peter does have a nice bruise on his brain... we're not sure if that will affect him at all. The neurosurgeon says that it is normal and will heal in time just like any other bruise. 

Here's a picture we took tonight of him while getting ready for bed:
As you can see he's 99% better. A little swelling in his eye still, and we hope that is causing the one worry we have left. 
It's hard to see but his left eye is a little lower than his right causing double vision and a couple other problems. We are going back to the Optometrist in early November for what we hope is the last follow up appointment. If his eye does not return to the normal position after the swelling is gone then we'll probably have to have a surgery to raise it back to it's normal position. 

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Twins Update - Week 15

Back to the Doctor again today (yes, we've seen enough doctors in the last two weeks to choke a horse) and everything is great with the twins. The Doctor was able to find their heartbeats without problem (one was 170 and the other was 140 BPM). The stress and exhaustion of Peter's accident had no impact on the babies. Per the doctor 'they are parasites that take what they need... it's the [mother] that suffers'
We scheduled another sonogram on October 23 to measure and check both the babies, and yes, find out what the sex will be. 
Our next regular checkup will be October 30th

Peter's Optometrist Appointment

We got to finally take Peter back to Children's for a full optometrist appointment yesterday. The swelling has gone down enough in his right eye that they were able to do a full exam on him. 

The good news.... all the muscles etc seem to be in good condition and there does not seem to be any major injuries to the eye itself. 

The bad news.... his right eye is now lower than his left eye causing an in balance in his vision. The doctors said that they wanted to give him another month for the swelling to go down, and his skull fractures to heal more to see if the eye will return to it's normal position. If it doesn't they would want to do a re-constructive surgery to raise the eye back to where it needs to be. 
Peter is also a little near sighted, and has astigmatism on his right eye.