Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Birthday's - Dorothy, Charlie & Scarlett

Birthday Pictures (sorry, this is all I have - none with the mess after-words)

Charlie - he was worried until we put his hand in the cake and made him taste it... after that he devoured it.

Scarlett was anxious from the very beginning to dig in... Suzi had to hold her back so we could get a picture of her and the cake

Dorothy was excited to share her birthday with her little brother and sister... I wonder how long that will last?

Finally - Suzi's handy work with the cakes... they tasted MUCH better than they look. And they look really good (mmmmmmmmmm just thinking about it)


  1. Happy Birthday to all three of them. We hope it was a great, relaxing, day.

  2. So great to see your post! You have beautiful children! Happy Birthday to all of them. We sure miss you guys. How is everything?