Friday, February 6, 2009

Out of the isolette

The babies have finally graduated from their isolette's and now are in regular newborn cribs (hospital edition of course). They've learned to regulate their own temperature enough now to not have the protection of the isolette.
Suzi has been able to nuzzle them a little and on Monday they are going to do a 'nipple test' where they will see if they will eat from a bottle. If all goes well we hope that they will start eating from bottles next week.

They are continuing to gain weight, yesterday and now are above their birth weight and continuing to gain weight consistently. Scarlett is eating 38 ML and 22 calories (every three hours) and Charles is sipping on 36 ML and 24 calorie! Scarlett's feeding is over 90 minutes and Charles over 60.



Scarlett's new Bed

Charlie's new bed

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