Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The emotional roller coaster

I’m sure many out there are anxious for an update, but to be honest I’m not sure what to say. The babies are doing great, they are eating well and are almost back up to their birth weight. Other than that it’s been an emotional roller coaster for Suzi and I as we figure out how to deal with everything right now. We’ve got people wanting to help everywhere we turn and it’s SO appreciated, but we’re not sure how to take advantage of all the offers, nor are we sure what’s appropriate. The difficult things to deal with are not something we would want to let others do, i.e. Dorothy decided to start potty training this week – which is great, but how do you fit that in between trips to the hospital, and pumping times, and work… Ahhhh, the age old dilemma of parenthood, things rarely happen when or where you want them to!

Other than that the only news I can think to report on the twins is that they had a brain ultrasound yesterday that showed no evidence of any bleeding in the brain. Apparently that is common (and fairly serious) in premature babies. They are still on their heart rate and breathing monitors and they alarm every so often when their heart rate drops below 100bpm. It’s not that serious as they usually self recover, but the beeping and flashing lights are enough to drive any parent to stress out! That is something they say will not happen as they grow bigger and bigger, and they won’t do it at all by the time they go home.

Thank you to everyone that has helped out so much with the family to this point, and thank you to everyone that wants to help. Please forgive us if we can’t think of anything for you to do right away – we do want and need the help but most of the time we’re just not sure what everyone can do at this point in time!

Dotty is thrilled with her new potty

Weiging in - Charlie is now 4.05 lbs

Weiging in - Scarlett is now 4.2 lbs

Scarlett's room (I'm standing in front of Charlie taking the picture)

Charles' room (I'm standing in front of Scarlett taking the picture)


  1. Thank you for the update. How exciting for Dotty! Cassie is going to be jealous. You are all in our prayers, we love you!

  2. Hi Clines! This is Debra Boykin and I just wanted to tell you that Tim and Kevin came home on heart lung apnea monitors after being born early as well, and look at them now. I know what you mean about the help and not knowing what someone else can do for you but let me tell you, from experience, that the most important help I had was when, on rare occasions, someone would come over and take care of the kids and just let me sleep. Sleep deprivation was my biggest enemy, so in a while when everyone is home and life settles in, let us help you at least get some sleep. You won't know how deprived you really are until you've been able to get several hours of sleep in a row. This was true for me both times. We love you and I for one will be happy to let you sleep.