Friday, October 24, 2008

Three boys & two girls!

Three boys & two girls... no, the sonogram did not find 3 more babies, that will be the breakout of children when the twins are born. The Sonogram went really well, the Doctor said that we could not of done better if we tried! He was extremely fast and checked for things that we have no idea how he saw. (even cleft lips) All in all the babies are doing extremely well, they are 10 & 11 ounces now, and extremely active in Suzi's belly. The doctor said that because of the activity the babies would be giving Suzi trouble here soon.... I'm just anxious to see the alien belly with multiple bumps moving in different directions!

We're excited that everything is doing so well, and that we're going to get one boy & one girl. Now the question is, which one is which? is Baby A or Baby B the girl


  1. congratulations! that's so exciting. i wish suzi the best.
    if you want us to guess which is which, shouldn't you have showed us different pictures? heads aren't too different.

  2. Congratulations!!! That is exciting. I hope all of you are doing great