Thursday, October 2, 2008

Peter's Optometrist Appointment

We got to finally take Peter back to Children's for a full optometrist appointment yesterday. The swelling has gone down enough in his right eye that they were able to do a full exam on him. 

The good news.... all the muscles etc seem to be in good condition and there does not seem to be any major injuries to the eye itself. 

The bad news.... his right eye is now lower than his left eye causing an in balance in his vision. The doctors said that they wanted to give him another month for the swelling to go down, and his skull fractures to heal more to see if the eye will return to it's normal position. If it doesn't they would want to do a re-constructive surgery to raise the eye back to where it needs to be. 
Peter is also a little near sighted, and has astigmatism on his right eye. 

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